Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



In this mixture of feast, experimental garage band rehearsal and low cost art opera, migrants, nomads, street artists and others, carrying their houses on their back, cohabite with the audience.
The 5 € Opera – also known as Trans-Guetto – Express takes place in a device outdoors. Border inspection post, outsourcing retention camp, check point, ballroom, bazaar, poor new circus (former up starter), fair theatre, flee market and counterfeiting market… these are the images we’ve departed from and these are the images that express the relationship of this scenography with the performance event.
We kept on working an idea of structural transversality that uses elements from different scene languages as circus and marionettes. On the bodies and voices of the actors we looked for common spaces to these languages.
The appropriation of space on its various scales – of the manipulated objects, of the regard and listening of the others, the audience, – is the path we want to follow.
This production brings together three structures/ groups/ companies: Teatro de Ferro, Radar 360, Teatro do Frio. With this association we’ve tried to experiment alternative forms of production and their relationships with the creative processes.



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