Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto


“Ba Ba”

Ba Ba is an ode to the surprising, to the ability of all human beings, and particularly children who have to be surprised by the smallest things.
Strange reflexes of light in a wall, the strange sound of a drop of water falling into a piece of paper.
Inspired by the work of visual artist Giorgio Brogi, the performance tells the story of the liaisons between forms, colours, lines, surfaces and materials.
With the elegant Toscano’s background, two actors perform simple and yet stimulating actions. Colourful veils are handled on a subtle game of presence and absence, visibility and invisibility, leading the audience to an admiration that brings out attention, a smile that opens the soul.

Written and Directed by: Alessandro Libertini and Véronique Nah
Artistic Collaboration: Giorgio Brogi, Brigitte Lallier-Maisonneuve, Antonia Monticelli
Installation: Giorgio Brogi
Sound Project: Véronique Nah
Interpreters: David Batignani and Véronique Nah
Graphics: CeG Maxicom
Photography: Dario Lasagni
Organization: Chiara Fantini
Production: Compagnia Teatrale Piccoli Principi with the support of Théâtre Athénor, Saint-Nazaire, Théâtre Massalia/Système Friche Théâtre, Marseille, Armunia, Castiglioncello, Municipality of Scandicci and of the Regione Toscana “Sistema Regionale dello Spectacollo”.

Piccoli Principi wishes to thank to those who helped on the making of this Project and particularly to Jo Bertolino, Grazia Genzani, Luca Libertini



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