Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



Shyness of bones

A white, framed screen splits the space up utterly; the body on the stage unconnected from the onlookers. A flat surface seals the vision up; no transparency for images.
A shape impressed upon the screen from the back breaks the waiting, it is the first fragment of a human body burning through the matter to show its blurred protrusion against the light. From the white surface, appears human remains or the debris of a buried civilization; fragments in relief blossoming from the milky matter to create a floating bass-relief.
The progression of the images unveils the making of a body. From the beginning, the fragments are alone.
Eventually, they depict the familiar image of a human body. Like foetuses defining their anatomy during gestation, the bodies mould themselves little by little. They test the capacity of the uterus, pushing blindly onto the wall of a pale maternal womb; an attempt seeming to have no gravitational restraint as the bodies take up within the whole surface.
Nose, thigh-bone, knuckles and shoulder blade are broken up and shown through a thin epidermis revealing everything. They are phantasms altering our perception of the human body by doing a radiographical dance made up of rough-edge bones and squashed flesh. The body is reduced to its frame; physiognomy, distinguishing marks and flesh have vanished.
Every time the body detaches itself, the relief is swallowed by the indifferent homogeneity of the screen. It is like losing memories, the fragments are a body-type of new writing that leaves no trace or witness.

Daniel Blanga Gubbay / Francesca Bucciero / Paola Villani
In Collaboration with: Milo Adami
Production: pathosformel 2007/ FIES Factory One
In Collaboration with: Sezione Autonoma – Teatro Comandini. Cesena, Italy
Special Mention: Scenario Award 2007



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