Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



Having as starting point a drawing made by the FTA of the 6 th school of Campo de Ourique, in which pencil traces were deleted with a rubber, I’ve noticed that erasing without leaving marks was impossible.

After this, I spent a year drawing. I would select a part of the day taking place a particular space and I would draw the routes that I and other people hade made on that space.

So, in order for us to be able to move on the paper, it was necessary to erase and redraw us on another part of the paper. I’ve noticed that people routes and movements on the drawing could be reconstructed by the trace left when we erased them. I’ve put this question on scene, passing from the support “sheet of paper” to the support “space”.

I’ve kept the sheet of paper and I’ve worked it on the studio, making it interact with me. From these experiences, that initially were reduced to the transformation of the sheet as a matter in other matters, were born a series of actions with paper men and women. These characters are exposed to sequences of events that determine their end or continuation on the play.

A city of paper is slowly formed.

Márcia Lança
Photos: Iuri Albarran



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