Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



1800 nails, 30 boards, 38 battens, compressor, nail gun, 2 turquoises. To keep in balance, balance to walk, construct, break, test the limits, support, let fall, materialize thoughts and reasoning, resting the arms, increase. This is wood and nothing else. To assemble and to dismantle. The desire and the amazement towards what’s revealed. The power of suggestion that enables the impulse, the reflex, the choice. Waiting. What precedes the big leap? Leaving space for the possibility of changing the path. The goal is the motor… and then is forgotten.
Morning Sun brings to scene the construction of potential spaces, sets that have a leading role where actions have, almost always, a secondary role. The spectator is given the time and the space to read, create and complete the stories that are being told. In Morning Sun, the interpreters’ body is on a functional and performative register, shifting between these places and often making them cohabiting.
In this work, two people inhabit and construct spaces, objects and places. They trace sketches of narratives outlining stories without ever telling them. Morning Sun is a game of balance between the definite and the symbolic, a permanent balance between the materiality of a situation and its evocative capacity.

Scenography and Choreography: Márcia Lança and João Calixto Autores
Light Design: Alexandre Coelho
Photography: Filipe Palma


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