Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



Márcia and Leonel – the “Marcel Troupe” – are two comedians that, by the end of the XIX century, try to make a living by making use of their close relationship with the arts of performance, not to mention their profound affinities with all kinds of puppets, as well as their long time experience as street performers.
With this play, Limite Zero invites us to follow the life of this couple for almost twenty years. The action takes place in Porto, right after the “pink map” scandal and the British ultimatum. Here, they suddenly find themselves involved in a republican revolution (the 31st of January 1891) that leads to the cancellation of the show they had on that day.
Some time later, they’re invited by Queen Amélia to perform on New Year’s Eve at the royal palace.  Leonel wants to do it, he thinks they’re going to make big money, but Marcia, a convict republican, is very reticent on lending her talent to the royal family.
This journey throughout time ends in 1910, with the implementation of the Portuguese Republic. Till then, the “Marcel Troupe” meets the most important people of those times: monarchists, republicans, masons, carbonari, namely Rafael Bordal Pinheiro and his Zé Povinho; Guerra Junqueiro and his excited radicalism, romantic politics and engaged intellectuals, newsvendors and fish-sellers highly intervenient, complacent policemen and priests, ardent revolutionaries and turncoats with a high sense of “opportunity” – a wide range of characters that help us understanding how and why the monarchy ended in Portugal earlier than in many other European countries, all full with their kings and queens.
On the year of the centennial of the Implementation of the Republic in Portugal celebrations, “THE THRONE IS OUT ON THE STREET” is a great opportunity for the audience of all ages to have a closer look on a very significant period of the Portuguese recent past.


Text: Jorge Constante Pereira
Direction and Scenography: Raul Constante Pereira
Drawings: Sandra Neves
Light Design: Pedro Carvalho
Music and Sound Design: Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins
Performers: Raquel Rosmaninho; Raul Constante Pereira; Ivo Bastos
Seamstress: Alexandra Barbosa
Scenario Construction: Joana Caetano; Hernâni Miranda; Rosário Matos; João Loureiro; Eduardo Mendes; Frederico Diz; Raul C Pereira

Co-production: Limite Zero Associação Cultural; Museu da Marioneta de Lisboa; Uma encomenda da Câmara Municipal do Porto através da Fundação Ciência e Desenvolvimento (Serviço Educativo)
Partner: C.M. Stº Tirso/ Centro Cultural de Vila das Aves; Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis
Acknowledgments: Dário Pais; Inês Mariana; Vítor Brito; Carlos Moreira
Support: Manuel Gaspar Maquetes; Missom
Institutional Support: Comissão Nacional para as Comemorações do Centenário da República



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