Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



The tragic story of a night with coffee and a bit of brandy.
Served by themselves and their puppets.
The best menu ever in this house.
Soup, meal, bread, wine, coffee, dessert and delightful dancing.
(service included on the menu).

Sitting at the table, two young boys take a rest, regarding one another on the emptiness of a pause for a nap.
We may hear the radio and the Captain is sleeping. There are customers coming in and out. They come for the usual meal or simply to have a drink of marc.
Sometimes we may see the cooker really close, a frenchy man whose life is registered in a cabinet that opens its doors to a whole world of knives and cleavers, scissors and other tools of a dubious usefulness. But he is a master on the illusion of cutlery, turning his pommes de terre into extravagant and delicious gourmets.
Other times, the owner shows up, a rooster with a German accent – a vertigo character on his rushed routine of yelling.

We see a table, two benches and a cabinet that draws this small world where customers, workers and the owner (and also a couple of acrobat ballerinas that enchant the old captain) share this pleasure of sitting at a table.
The two Russians leave, humming, after having met the wonder of vodka named marc.
The captain leaves without paying; horrified with the last meal he was served.
The ballerinas… we don’t know for sure if they’re gone dancing on a restaurant of the neighbourhood, or if they’re hiding on the captain’s dreams.
The owner-rooster ends up cooked in the oven, while the cook sings his revenge.
And the young boys rest there, waiting for the customers of the day after. That’s why they’re there, to serve, to gibe their time to everyone who has also time to share.
Always calm and sweet, always ready to give a piece of their sympathy.
This performance was meant to create a close relationship with the audience – it’s possible to hear the actors breathing, the puppets breathing, its limbs, its articulations, the interaction puppet/ manipulation/ manipulator. To praise to the mechanism and its demystification. Creation.

Creation and interpretation: João Calixto and Tiago Viegas
Project, Scenography and puppets: João Calixto
Staging: Pedro Santiago Cal
Production: João Chicó
Photography and Video: Frederico Lobo
Graphism: Pedro Sá Machado
Support: Companhia de Dança de Lisboa
Acknowledgements: Nuno Tomaz, Mathieu Matik, Conceição Ferreira, Sérgio Milhano, Nathan Lively, Chapitô, Paté Filmes, Teatro o Bando, Olivia Prieto Vergara.



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