Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



Fat is beauty!

A return to the traditional ball and to the carnival play with costumes. Come and dance with us!

Fat is beauty is a popular saying. Yesteryear’s, of course. Nowadays, fashion, diets and sanitary dictatorships we live in keep it away, as something wrong. This project offers a critical approach to that body sliding, organizing a traditional spoken ball, in which may only take part anyone who agrees on wearing a special costume, chosen from a set of really voluminous costumes. You may not be fitted for a Ruben’s painting, but you’ll make the ball for sure!

Now, fat as I am, I can fit a Ruben’s painting.

Traditional spoken ball with MOSCA TOSCA

Mosca Tosca: Luísa Côrte, Mário Dias, Vitor Cordeiro, Alexandre Matias
Costumes: Diana Regal


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