Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



Glossary: collection of glosses, definitions of obsolete and obscure words..

1 Hero’s Emptiness
Emptiness: absence of interests and aspirations. Nihility.

2 Hero’s Point
Point: model of an ideal body without dimensions.

3 Hero’s Line
Line: outstretched space with one dimension, trail of a moving point.

4 Hero’s Perspective
Perspective: imaginary diminution of objects or distortion of their contours.

5 Hero’s Perspective 2
Perspective 2: everything that one hopes for and looks forward to because of his expectations.

6 Hero’s Volume
Volume: capacity of some part of space constrained by a surface of a body or an extent of a thought.

7 Hero’s exhalation
Exhalation: pushing out the air or the tension stored in a body.

8 Hero’s figure
Figure: image, sketch of a thing or its like.

9 Hero’s dream
Dream: state of not-yet-waken feelings..

10 Hero’s Yearn
Yearn: keen inner appetence. Eagerness to fulfil one’s dreams.

11 Hero’s Motion
Motion: state opposite to rest, continuous movement of a body in space.

12 Hero’s Distance
Distance: length of the space between figures.

13 Hero’s Pain
Pain: unpleasant, dismal, somewhile unendurable feeling, torment or anguish.

14 Hero’s Solitude
Solitude: feelings of one who is in real or imaginary isolation.

15 Hero’s Optimism
Optimism: doctrine which supposes the existent world to be the most perfect of all possible worlds.

16 Hero’s Colosseum
Colosseum: building destined for various jollifications, in the form of an ellipse.
Literally: ‘double theater’.

17 Hero’s Gloria
Gloria: prominence by quality. Greatness, shine and magnificence as hero’s attributes..

Gobo: view from distance with different objects appearing on the way
Gobo: highly smooth metallic or glassy board, chafed from underneath and able to reflect figures.
Gobo: inherent property of an object.. If deprived of it, the object can neither exist nor be imagined.

Pathetical play-laboratory “Gobo. Digital glossary”is the collection of installations or mini -performanses in one piece.
Organized into the clear structure they create in spectator this representation about Gobo (unexisting Hero,similar as Godo,but authors of the show didn’t mean obviouse connection) such we ( audience) see him – naive and wounded. Pathetic and desperate. Sentimental and rash. For more clearly see Gobo we need to look at it through the tediously selected objects.
These objects are allowed for itself speak ironically apropos Gobo and they are the classical example of Nothing( no material things). So slowly slipping down on the metallic post and the jingling washer, proudly call itself like “Line of Gobo”.
To actors, charmed by this impudence, nothing it remains as it passed to the side of objects, imitating their rule of game.
Entire construction of “Glossary” thus, it is converted into simulakr: the copy, which does not have original.
But not absurdity, not gin’ol’, not farce, but mystery – this performance are able to leave for us!

Maksim Isaev Artdirector, Actor
Pavel Semchenko
Artdirector, Actor
Vadim Gololobov
General Manager, Lightdesigner
Jana Toumina
Actress, Director
Barbara Seifert
Natalia Shamina
Andrey Sizintsev
Musician, Sounddesigner, Actor
Oleg Michailov
Video Designer
Maria Tavapova
Administrator, Technician
Masha  Bykova (Nebesnaya)
Video, Costume Designer
Igor Phomin
Natalia Dudareva Photography



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