Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto



Tarumba – Teatro de Marionetas presents Mironescópio: The Love machine. A performance of small forms, inspired by peep shows and by the first cinematic experiences of the XIX century, using devices such as the Kinetoscope and the Mutoscope.
The great erotic art specialists – Dr. Erotikone, Madam Gigi and Madam Mimi, amongst other guests, perform for the first time in Porto, bringing their valuables “Mironescópios”.
There are no boundaries here, love is free! Come and see what really happened on Paradise… amongst many other surprises never seen before.
Several “Mironescópios” will be waiting for you, inside each one there are visual effects, images in motion and shadows that will raise emotions never felt before. An intimate, pedagogical, relaxant and erotic performance in a ye-ye soirée.  Bring your date and your friends.
Optical boxes and multiple variations. Inside there are opaque, colourful, translucent, singular images – come and peek another universe through the keyhole…

“In Art, immorality may not exist. Art is always sacred”. – August Rodin

Artistic Direction and Construction: Luís Vieira e Rute Ribeiro
Puppeteers: Rute Ribeiro, Catarina Côdea, Raquel Monteiro, Luís Hipólito, Luís Vieira, Susana Esteves Pinto
Adaptation and Scripts: Rute Ribeiro
Lighting Design: Zé Rui
Sound Design: Catarina Côdea
Executive Production: Bruno Reis
Luís Vieira



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